Digital Marketing For Car Dealerships

Digital Marketing For Car Dealerships

July 24, 2017 Pedro Roberts 0

In a world where competition is stiffer than ever, businesses need to adapt quickly to take advantage of any opportunities.
Car dealerships are no different. When done right, digital marketing ensures any business retains its competitive edge over competitors. With the Internet being the go-to tool when researching about a vehicle, it pays to have a digital presence. There are many digital marketing techniques for car dealerships, some of which include:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Having a car dealership website is no longer enough. Increased traffic to your website is more likely to increase sales. Any search result returns hundreds of similar results, of which potential clients will only ever open the first few. To improve your dealership’s position or ranking in the results set, it is important that your web page complies with SEO standards. These include:
– Use of appropriate keywords and phrases. However, conduct a keyword research before using any. There are numerous tools that assist you to learn about keywords used by potential customers when researching using a search engine. Do not over use keywords though.
– Ensure your website contains relevant and easy to read content.
– Optimise your pages content. Other than keywords only, your images improve your site’s ranking if the contain alternate text

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2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
SEM is nothing more than using paid advertising for your dealership. If your dealership has enough resources, SEM can be used to increase traffic to your website. SEM is a broad body of strategies that include:
– Yahoo Search Ads, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most commonly used platforms employed by search marketers.
– Pay per click (PPC) is another common digital marketing technique in which your dealership would be required to pay some fee each time one of your adverts is clicked on. Advertisers bid for a favourable position in a search engine’s sponsored results placement (we wrote an article recently about how Google chooses which ads outperform others, check it out here).

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social media is changing the way dealerships and other businesses market their products. Businesses are able to interact more with their clients on social media platforms. Everything from queries to news, comments and complaints are communicated faster via social platforms. There are numerous free and paid tools available to keep these interactions with clients active. Other than brand recognition, SMM provides many benefits such as keeping customer acquisition costs at a minimum, providing better opportunities to convert website visitors to clients and better loyalty by existing dealership clients.

4. Affiliate Marketing
A car dealership can also source a third-party online marketing company to promote their business. For any new business brought to your dealership, the commission is paid to your marketer. Working with online partners that provide you with related products, such as car parts, can form a mutually beneficial arrangement.

5. Content Marketing
Well maintained blogs and social media pages are a great way of creating content that generates traffic to your site. With a clear target clientele in mind, creative content can be written targeted at them. Nonetheless, the content must be informative and useful to remain relevant to your audience.

If nothing else, take this, a car dealership’s digital presence is of paramount importance. Gone are the days where having a webpage was good enough. There are numerous other activities to be undertaken if your webpage is to be found by potential clients. These activities are to follow as part of an ongoing regimen if they are to be effective. Every so often, they should also be reviewed for their effectiveness. Tools that do not prove to be as effective, need to be reassessed and modified before being dismissed. No single tool solves all traffic issues, however, a mixture of these digital marketing techniques for car dealerships is bound to yield better results.