How have the Mercedes A Class and BMW 1 Series revitalised the new car sales markets?

How have the Mercedes A Class and BMW 1 Series revitalised the new car sales markets?

November 14, 2017 Yvonne Paul 0

When we talk about luxury cars, there are a few names which stand out. These include Mercedes and BMW and they have an enviable track record when it comes to offering some of the most stunning models. In keeping with this tradition, two recent series from both Mercedes and BMW are creating a lot of excitement. They are the A-Class series from Mercedes and the 1 Series from BMW. There are many luxury car connoisseurs and critics who perhaps believe that these two models could have given a new energy and direction to the new car sales markets. Hence it would be a good idea to have a look at a few features which perhaps help us to know more about these cars.



What Is Special About Mercedes A Class

Originally, the A class series was supposed to resemble a tall and boxy type of car. Though it did come with a unique shape, the designers and manufacturers felt that nothing much could be done on the style front. It was therefore decided that it would be better to settle for a conventional and sleeker hatchback body.

Improved Safety Features

There was one more reason as to why customers believed that it could be a harbinger of change in the new car sales. It scored quite well on safety parameters and these tests were carried out by independent agencies. Quite a few changes were also made to try and enhance fuel economy and for improving rider comfort.


As far as far space was concerned, there was mixed feedback. While the front was quite roomy and spacious, customers felt that the back seats were a bit cramped when compared to other similar models of competitors. However, on the whole, they were of the opinion that it was quite okay if the front seats were taken into account.

There were other features like dashboard design, long ride comfort, ease of driving, and engine power which in all have made it a wonderful luxury for a big chunk of quality conscious customers.


BMW 1 Series – Why It Could Set The Stage On Fire

Most customers who have tried the BMW 1 series are unanimous about the overall performance parameters of this car. They believe that it is a truly brilliant premium hatchback which excites drivers who are looking for economy combined with the best of driving and design features.

What Sets Is Apart

The BMW 1 series has come with quite a few modifications and facelifts and these are in tune with the modern day aspirations and needs. it has come with a sharper nose and the rear end also has had a new look. It also comes with five-door and three-door guise and they perhaps have gone back on time taking a cue from the past best sellers.

Driving Comfort

The driving comfort also has been taken care of quite a bit and the M140i variant comes packed with 335 bhp power and it literally cruises through the road lapping distances effort effortlessly.

Other Major Takeaways

Whether it is the interior space, or the wheelbase, reliability and running costs, many drivers and BMW enthusiasts believe that the 1 series has been able to deliver on its promises.

The Final Word

At the end of the day when one takes into account the various new features and improvements, there are reasons to believe that both these new variants have quite a few things to offer to customers.